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Remember the Jetsons? A futuristic cartoon created in the 60s, many of the high tech creations of the show’s writers have now come to pass in our very tech based lives of the 2000s. Many of the concepts of the show, are now considered “old school”.

That’s the thought process behind 737conserve, where the forward thinking is all about creating a home with as little environmental impact as possible, without sacrificing design and comfort.

737 is a newly completed home in Venice CA. It is a home that adjusts to its environment, hot, cold, sunny, or rain, just like a person would change what they wear under different weather conditions, this home automartically self adjusts to its environment in pursuing it’s core focus, that being to use as little energy, and consume as little water as possible. It does so while also creating a healthy environment for those who will visit or live within its walls, using materials that are durable and beautiful, incorporating great design.

Its use of water of is minimized, incorporating WaterSense plumbing by Kohler, throughout. It is powered by renewable resources, and built of durable long lasting materials, it has a live/work space located within, is close to an urban center, is comprised of materials that are local, and are in abundance, and it will be able to think for itself.

A brain in a house? A really SMART home, it is possible, and is just that and more.

In Southern California, we are blessed with temperate weather, 300 days of sunshine, lows and highs that don’t vary all that much.

Still it is not uncommon to have a 30-degree swing between the afternoon and nighttime temperatures. A smart thinking home, might have shades that roll down automatically to block out the sun’s UV heat, skylights that open to allow the hot air to escape, that also close to keep the warmth in, water saving plumbing, efficient heating and cooling systems, solar power to address its own power needs, and be comprised of non toxic materials, glues, solvents, and paints to keep it free of toxins. 737 conserve is all of that, and much more.

737conserve is the follow up of a Platinum LEED home that Tom Schey built in Venice, California, which was completed in October of 2007. project7ten, the LEED home, was a vast P.R. success both for the cause behind the project, education, raising funds for environmental causes, and showcasing mainstream companies which had environmentally advanced products.

737conserve has the following companies as partners, GE, with their energy star rated kitchen appliances, and energy efficient instant water heaters, Kohler, in a very significant way introducing the EPA authored Water-Sense program to the California area, LENNOX heating and cooling systems incorporating an HVAC system so energy efficient that this was previously thought impossible, Ann Saks Tile, Sony Electronics, HAI home automation systems, the brains behind the various smart home activities of 737, Klipsch Speakers, Bruck Lighting, Ultratouch, the manufacturer of the very groovy and getting more popular by the moment, recycled denim insulation Caesarstone countertops, Dirt Devil with a revolutionary home cleaning system, and Western Windows Systems, beautiful incredibly energy efficient windows and a new player in contemporary windows in California.

737 features a amazing looking lap pool, (fed by an underground spring) powered and heated by the various companies under the Jandy umbrella,(and the sun) hitting new heights in pool efficiencies.

737 is an incredibly advanced, beautiful intellectual home, one of the most advanced smart homes ever built. The structure will most certainly generate more electricity than it uses, a home that embraces water and energy conservation in ways not yet part of the residential building landscape. Patrick Tighe, recent Rome Award winner, is the acclaimed architect behind the project.

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