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Remember the Jetsons? A futuristic cartoon created in the 60s, many of the high tech creations of the show’s writers have now come to pass in our very tech based lives of the 2000s. Many of the concepts of the show, are now considered “old school”.

That’s the thought process behind 737conserve, where the forward thinking is all about creating a home with as little environmental impact as possible, without sacrificing design and comfort.

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After reading about blogs for the past five years, I guess this is my first foray jumping in.

737conserve a home being built in Venice, California follows up our efforts at project7ten, California’s first conventionally built Platinum LEED home.


737conserve is being built in partnership with companies such as General Electric, Kohler, Lennox, and others which can be checked out on our website.

I decided to follow up project7ten with another house that will draw media attention both locally and nationally like 7ten did, I am hoping to accomplish an awareness on the scale of “what If”, in regards to new home construction and its tie in to environmentalism.

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I’m a derelict, I admit it, overwhelmed by selling the last few houses I’ve built over the last couple of years and 737conserve, which has consumed more of my time than I ever could have imagined, I’ve failed in my own personal commitment to update the blog on the development of this house as promised.  So I promise both to myself and here in writing, to post at least a couple of updates a week until the house is completed and maybe even after that.

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